Being Involved

Many people who first come to Krishnamurti's teachings can find them quite difficult. Its not easy to come upon someone who is not offering to lead or provide answers or wanting a following of any kind, or literally stating that you are the world and the world is you.

It appears not for the faint hearted. Of the millions of people who have heard Krishnamurti many simply give up, they may agree in part with what is being said but conclude that its too hard or impossible for them to understand, never mind living.

People can also sometimes be surprised to find out that on meeting certain individuals interested in Krishnamurti’s teachings they can encounter people who may not engender his teachings, in fact people who may have misunderstanding, contradiction and even confusion. This is not in any way to condone, promote or encourage anyone’s confusion and contradictory action but rather to point out that every situation, every moment of living, no matter its character, can present us(you and me) with a relationship, an opening for unambiguous, heartfelt seeing. In such seeing there can be directly understood action. It can surely be asked; is not the understanding of our daily misunderstandings but one (among many) openings to learn about who we are? From such immediate, practical seeing is it possible to work together? Here alertness is on non-interpretive learning in action.

Its all too easy to judge others or label people’s and life’s actions but perhaps in so doing we do not see the opportunity to really be aware that it is in and through oneself that direct non-judgemental understanding (or misunderstanding) may occur. Can we move from this and honestly, practically work together, alertly understanding ourselves in the precious sense of meeting others?  James Joyce wrote: “Every day in many ways, day after day, we walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men , young men, wives, widows, brothers-in –law. But always meeting ourselves”

The Krishnamurti community in Ireland is small. All work is of a voluntary and charitable nature. We are always interested in meeting people interested in Krishnamurti’s teachings who may also be agreeable to sparing and sharing some time and/or assistance. All work is carried out as non-authoritatively and non-interpretively as possible in making the radical questions that Krishnamurti raises more widely available throughout Ireland. If you would be interested, for example in holding a meeting or arranging a dialogue or assisting with publicity, or contributing in any way possible, all help and support is most gratefully welcome. Please feel free to contact us.