Meeting Dialogue

Dialogue can be an active energised exploration into the workings of ones mind in action. Moreover through this there may be personal challenges, for example to resist an investigation free of any authority or direction.

Such enquiry can be seen as somewhat unusual, uncertain and not known. However it may also be that with such dialogue arising there is opportunity of openly understanding resistances and indeed learning the unmediated nature of our human relationship itself.

Such sharing enquiry can happen spontaneously not only in one to another but one as another. This may be possible as non-threatening relationship, viewed in and of itself, arising carefully and perhaps even heartfelt.
We are all in relationship together (even and maybe especially, in being alone) and the challenge of directly meeting this non-particular energy may be the essence of opening dialogue and enquiry.

In the spirit then of such self initiated enquiry we welcome the chance of hearing from others interested in having or holding dialogue. Please feel free to contact us concerning any of our informal, irregular dialogue meetings. Alternatively please see the regular meetings in Dublin or Belfast.